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Announcing 2nd Annual Nightlight Reading Short Story Contest

Nightlight Reading is requesting submissions for our 2nd Annual Nightlight Reading Short Story Contest.  This contest is geared to encouraging professional and amateur writers to write stories for at-risk boys in the 10- to 12-year-old age group who often stop reading for pleasure because of a lack of engaging literature for their age group.  Nightlight Reading’s goal is to fund and promote literature that appeals to boys and keeps them …Read More

Nightlight Reading Summer Reading Pilot Program

Nightlight Reading is looking for help! We are looking for teachers, librarians, tutors and organizations who are working with 10- to 12-year-old at-risk boys this summer. For our pilot summer reading program, we have published last year’s winning short stories and are now working to get them into the hands of boys to read after school is out this summer.  We are looking for ideas and incentives to help boys get hooked …Read More

First Nightlight Reading Short Story Contest Winners Announced

First Annual NIGHTLIGHT READING SHORT STORY CONTEST Nightlight Reading received  229 submissions from 19 countries for our First Nightlight Reading Short Story Contest with the theme of adventure. We are pleased to announce our winners: FIRST PLACE: ($1,000 prize) Writer: Hans Weidman Story: “Terramond” SECOND PLACE:  ($500 prize) Writer: Nick Nafpliotis Story: “Midnight Ride”  THIRD PLACE:  ($300 prize) Writer: Robert Robeson Story: “Missions of Mercy in Simi Valley” First Place: “Terramond” Short Synopsis In …Read More

The Aha Moment: The Spark That Ignites in a Beginning Reader

As I stood in the tutoring program library with my student, Hunter, a sweet second grade boy, he needed some coaxing to find a book to read. He just didn’t see anything appealing.  At least not until we hit the row of books with the Captain Underpants series. After several weeks of pushing and pulling him through other books that he wasn’t enjoying, I was relieved that he found something …Read More