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First Annual Contest


Nightlight Reading received  229 submissions from 19 countries for our First Annual Nightlight Reading Short Story Contest with the theme of adventure. We are pleased to announce our esteemed winners:

FIRST PLACE: ($1,000 prize)
Writer: Hans Weidman
Story: “Terramond”

SECOND PLACE:  ($500 prize)
Writer: Nick Nafpliotis
Story: “Midnight Ride” 

THIRD PLACE:  ($300 prize)
Writer: Robert Robeson
Story: “Missions of Mercy in Simi Valley”

First Place: “Terramond” Short Synopsis
In a virtual reality world, Matt and his friends Damian and Karim embark on a danger-fraught mission to reach Mount Arula. En route, they meet a mysterious online player who unravels a dark secret in Matt’s past as they battle monstrosities across the plains of Terramond.

Second Place: “Midnight Ride” Short Synopsis
John always enjoyed band trips, especially the midnight bus rides they took to get there. It was the one of the few places he got to have some quiet time to himself. But on this ride, something ancient and evil is following them. John will need call on his own strength and that of his best friends if they want to survive the night.

Third Place: “Missions of Mercy in Simi Valley” Short Synopsis
Dakota Yellowfeather, a sixth-grade transfer student to Comanche Elementary School from the Simi Valley Indian Reservation School, due to overcrowding, has been befriended by Trev Romines. Soon after Dakota moves to the new school, a dangerous storm system envelops the area and a local dam begins flooding the reservation. Trev’s father owns a helicopter flight service and he makes the decision to attempt a rescue in the unfavorable weather conditions by flying through a dangerous canyon in an attempt to rescue reservation families, which includes Dakota’s. Mr. Romine says he can only attempt the rescue if Trev flies co-pilot and Dakota acts as a crew chief to load families into their cargo compartment. Both boys agree and their adventure begins.