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Nightlight Reading Summer Reading Pilot Program

Nightlight Reading is looking for help!
We are looking for teachers, librarians, tutors and organizations who are working with 10- to 12-year-old at-risk boys this summer. For our pilot summer reading program, we have published last year’s winning short stories and are now working to get them into the hands of boys to read after school is out this summer.  We are looking for ideas and incentives to help boys get hooked on reading outside of the school setting. And, most importantly, we are looking for boys who we can provide these amazing engaging winning stories to read.  With your help we can track their reading achievement and gain valuable feedback about how we can best grow Nightlight Reading.

PLEASE CONTACT NIGHTLIGHT READING through our online form, check the Summer Reading Program box, and include your email and phone number. We will reply promptly!  CONTACT NOW>>

Note: There is no cost for this Nightlight Reading summer reading program but it is limited. Please contact us soon!