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For more information on boys reading, please click the links below for resources.

The Boys Initiative on Education:

“One of the most startling findings in national assessments of student achievement is how far behind boys are in reading and writing. Though the problem is even more severe among traditionally underserved minorities, this is a trend that cuts through racial, ethnic, and class divisions, and can even be seen in other countries.

  • On national reading assessments, the average score for boys in fourth grade is five points behind girls. That gap increases to approximately 10 points by eighth grade, and widens even more in high school, leaving twelfth-grade boys about 12 points behind girls in reading skills tests.
  • In national writing assessments, boys score (on average) 17 points lower than girls in fourth grade (with African-American boys about 16 points behind African-American girls, and Hispanic boys scoring about 15 points lower than Hispanic girls). The average gap increases to 21 points in eighth grade (approximately 20 points for African-American boys and 17 points for Hispanic boys), and by twelfth grade, boys average 24 points lower than girls on tests of writing skills (about 21 points for African-American boys, and about 22 points for Hispanic boys).”
  • MORE statistical information at The Boys Initiative.

From  New York Times article: “Boys and Reading – Is There Any Hope?” by Robert Lipsyte

“Whereas boys used to lag behind girls in reading in the early grades, statistics show, they soon caught up. Not anymore.”

From  Huffington Post blog post: “Boys Don’t Read, Except When They Do” by Charles London

“The 2010 Kid and Family Reading Report, sponsored by Scholastic, found that regardless of race, geography or socioeconomic status, boys were lagging far behind girls in reading outside of school assignments. Only 39 percent of boys rated reading outside of class as important, while 62 percent of girls said it was ‘extremely or very important.’ A 2005 NEA study by Mark Bauerlein and Sandra Stotsky found that between 1980 and 2004, the gender gap in reading between boys and girls had grown so wide that the authors determined it had become a ‘marker of gender identity.’ Again: Boys don’t read.”

From: Huffington Post article: “Can Fart Jokes Get Boys Reading?” by Leanne Italie

“Boys have lagged behind girls in reading achievement for more than 20 years, but the gender gap now exists in nearly every state and has widened to mammoth proportions – as much as 10 percentage points in some, according to the Center on Education Policy.”

Huffington Post blog post: “Boys and Reading” by Will Weaver

“Everybody knows that boys read less than girls, but the current trends border on a national emergency. If you’re an involved parent, or a teacher or editor or writer who works with boys, you already know what a brand new report by the Center On Education Policy (CEP, on 3/17/10) confirms. Boys read less-certainly fewer ‘whole books’-and they score less on reading tests than girls: up to 16 percent in some states, and 10 percent on a national average. It’s not that boys can’t read (though clearly many cannot read well); they actually ‘hate’ reading. How can a ‘stupid novel’ compete with Warcraft 3 or Grand Theft Auto IV?”